Oral Cancer Patients

Overcoming Oral Cancer

At Texas Dental Solutions in Dallas, we focus on dental oncology to treat the specific needs of patients who are starting or have completed oral cancer treatment led by Dr. Bruce Barbash, our team helps prepare patients to safely undergo both radiation therapy and chemotherapy. We also design and fabricate prostheses for patients with surgical defects to improve oral function post-treatment.

We offer assistance in maintaining and restoring smiles during and following treatment for oral cancer. From the initial consultation through radiation treatment planning, Dr. Barbash is your partner for regaining full dental function after cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical resection.

Dental Care before Cancer Treatment

Following a cancer diagnosis, patients can visit Dr. Barbash for a full oral assessment. During this consultation, in-depth X-rays, examination and impressions are taken of gums, teeth, and jaw bone. As chemotherapy and radiation therapy can take a toll on the integrity of oral structures, this documentation of your smile is crucial to creating natural-looking prosthetic restorations following the completion of cancer treatment.

During the initial exam, patients also meet with our hygienist who helps educate patients on the most effective way to maintain at-home dental care during and after radiation therapy. In addition to more frequent professional cleanings, Dr. Barbash prescribes both fluoride carriers and prescription fluoride as part of the post-treatment oral health maintenance. 

Preserving your Smile during Radiation Therapy

Undergoing radiation therapy for cancer without a long-term treatment plan can put patients at-risk of extensive damage for their smile. As radiation frequently causes dry mouth, patients may experience accelerated bacteria growth, which can lead to decay, in addition to the exacerbation of existing dental issues. 

To help combat these side-effects, Dr. Barbash can provide patients with medication that may help restore saliva production, thereby controlling bacteria growth. To promote stable health before undergoing radiation therapy, the team at the Center for Dental Solutions addresses outstanding dental issues prior to cancer treatment. Treating dental conditions beforehand allows patients to undergo radiation therapy without interruption while preserving the health of their smiles.  

Dentistry Following Cancer Treatment

Following radiation therapy, Dr. Barbash will create the appropriate restorations to maintain your teeth and smile. The extent of your restorative needs depends on any damage caused by cancer therapy. Ideally, most of the treatment for maintaining your dentition was completed prior to undergoing radiation therapy treatment. In most cases, necessary extractions were completed prior to radiation therapy to minimize the risk of bone necrosis. 

The Center for Dental Solutions specializes in providing restorations for recovering cancer patient. As a specialty maxillofacial prosthodontist, Dr. Barbash has undergone extensive training to design and create prostheses that look and function as well as possible. By working with oncologists and other dental specialists, Dr. Barbash is able to provide patients with seamless treatments that endure. In addition to restoration of the dentition, restoration of speech, swallowing deficits and facial cosmetic defects are routinely performed. 

Restore Your Smile at tEXAS Dental Solutions

Dr. Barbash and his team are dedicated to providing long-term oral restorations for patients recovering from cancer and radiation therapy. Dr. Barbash offers full mouth restorations that can include full mouth crowns and bridges, all-on-4 implant supported restorations, implant-supported dentures, veneers, composite fillings, obturators, palatal augmentation prostheses and dental implant restoration of fibula grafts.